Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Birthday Card

In celebration of my last birthday, some of my co-workers took me to lunch. It is a tradition among us, and one that I enjoy, whether I am the celebrator or the celebratee. They chose thoughtful, not too personal, gifts as well as paying for my meal. Among the gift bags was a card that they had all signed. It was without a doubt, my favorite gift of all. It said:

Born to be wild,

born to be outrageous

Born to live your life out loud,

born to be courageous


Born to make some mischief,

born to rock ' n roll,

Born to spread your wings and fly,

born to bare your soul.

Born to be a dreamer,

born to dare and do,

Born to make the world a better place

because you're you.

I was taken aback by this view my colleagues have of me. At my professional job, I tend to be a private person. I don't engage in office gossip, and for the most part keep to myself. I do my job with joy and I am always willing to help out with tasks that need to be done, even if they are not in my job description. Other than the occasional family update, most of them do not know much about my writing or other activites I engage in. I am sure none of
them know that my bucket list contains things like 'own goats' and 'go zorbing' .

And yet, I am pleased beyond measure that this is how they see me, because this is how I see myself.

I have always believed in living life, not just enduring it. Embracing it, come what may. I have had as many hard knocks and heartaches as the next person, maybe more. But I believe that out of every adversity comes a seed of equal or greater benefit, to paraphrase Napoleon Hill. So I look for those. I look for seeds I can plant and nurture and grow. I look for the next adventure, the next journey, all while enjoying the one I am on. Apparently my zest for life shows through my professional demeanor. Trust me, I don't wear a fuzzy pink hat to work...ever! Goes to show that what we think about creates what we become on the inside. If it is radiant, it will shine through.
So my message today is - Shine!. Let what you were born to be become a light for others.

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